Do you know?
Universe service is designed based on System™ Series 6.
All of our products and services,
One easy.
Universe, which we have carefully prepared for a long time,is a membership service
that allows you to use all products and services we provide as one.
Special for you,
Special benefit.
Universe membership allows you to invite more devices and users from your account,
More creator-only features are available on the Instant service.
Benefits? Of course.
Easy to verify your identity.
Subscribing to Universe membership will give you the benefits of all products and services we offer,
as well as You can easily and conveniently use services that require authentication.
Account and Instant,
Perfect trinity.
Universe is designed and developed together from the design process of Account and Instant.
We present an integrated membership experience that has never been experienced anywhere else.
Values we create together,
Partner Win-Win Policy
For products and services that connect people,
we are helping to grow together with many developers who work with us.